About me

During my second year of college I fell into a state of pure panic that has stayed within me for many years. I had recently stopped drinking – which I later learned I had been using to self-medicate my anxiety and depression – and found myself unable to leave my apartment without overwhelming emotions of fear. Sitting in class was a near impossible task for my breathing would be so erratic I’d spend the entire lecture trying to keep myself from fainting. I would seat myself in the corner of the classroom, where I felt the least visible in case a panic attack were to strike, and on many occasions I had to vacant the classrooms for the anxiety was so unbearable I needed to retreat to isolation. It was hell. It was fucking hell.Vaping is healthier than burning. The discretion of some pen vaporisers or portable vaporizers, as well as easy storage and low odor, are key to their success in countries that are experimenting with the legalization of cannabis use at home or at home. ‘outside. CBD oil has helped me a lot through my struggle with anxiety and I will be sharing all the things I ve learned while vaping CBD.

Vaping works by heating a cannabis sample (in the form of water, oil or wax), either by passing warm air over it, or by putting it on a hot surface. The hot air or the hot part reaches or exceeds the boiling point of the different cannabinoids, which releases them to be inhaled by the user. Since this method does not use any combustion, vaporizing avoids the ingestion of carcinogens and other toxins produced when any material is burned.

Vaping offers the advantage of being able to take full advantage of the effects of cannabis on health. It also allows users to consume their substance discreetly without disturbing people who are physically close.

Conduction against convection

Two physical mechanisms are used to vaporize: conduction and convection. Conduction involves heating the grass or oil by direct contact with a heating element. Convection, on the other hand, works by exposing the grass to a flow of hot air, such as some types of household ovens.

Convection offers different benefits, including additional exposure of trichomes that contain all the medicinal and psychoactive properties of the plant. The result is a thicker, denser spray that delivers more cannabinoids and terpenes. vaporiser that use convection, such as the PAX2 that would make a nice Christmas present, may need to shake the firebox to be sure all the material is in contact with the heated surface.

Often, but not always, conductive vaporizer models produce lighter smoke that lacks power compared to the convection vaporizer model.

Convection vaporiser, such as the Volcano or Vapolution salon vaporisers, or the Vapir Prima portable vaporizer, generally offer a higher temperature rise of the herb or cannabinoids in the concentrates.

Technically speaking, many convection vaporiser use both convection and conduction to create a stronger vapor and more present aromas.

Types of vaporizers

There are three main categories of vaporizers, at affordable price ranges and with very different functionality and designs. Of course there are more expensive models than others, but the first prices can start from € 20.

Office vaporizers

Office vaporisers plug into an outlet for use and are among the most expensive: they cost between 100 and 600 €. They produce a very good quality steam and extract the maximum of grass or oil.

Office vaporisers are designed to be used at home and are not meant to be used on the move, such as camping. The best office vapo models can provide steam for several people at one time.

There are two types of office vaporizers: forced air or passive. Forced air models, such as Volcano, use a fan to send hot air around the cannabis sample. Steam is collected in a clear plastic bag and can be inhaled quietly by the patient. Passive models involve a glass or plastic tube from which the patient inhales the vapor, such as a shisha.

Some models of desktop vaporizers such as VapirRise, viVape 2 and HerbalAire use both methods. The quality of the steam is however average. However, the user can control its inhalation, taking either quick puffs, with a cool and pleasant vapor, or long breaths with a steam warmer.

The Volcano is considered the Aston Martion of office vaporizers. Its price however turns around 600 €. For a less expensive choice, the Vapolution is a good option (around € 200), while the Vapolution 3.0 is available from € 250 to take advantage of the latest technologies, such as a hydrotube that filters the steam in water for Inhalation softer and more pleasant.

Portable vaporizers

A relatively new category of vaporiserhave made their appearance. These pocket vapos are designed to serve patients who want an improved pen vaporizer, even if it takes up more space and is heavier. Portable vaporizers like Vapir Prima convection, the very design PAX 2, and DaVinci Ascent, sell for about 250 € and offer slightly lower performance than desktop vaporizers, compensated by the battery portability and high-tech embedded. Portable vaporizers are among the most active new markets in the cannabis industry. Companies in full development in Las Vegas or San Francisco are currently competing to impose their new ranges of vapo, with more and more techno, an improved battery life, a more precise control of the temperature and a better quality The most discreet mobile vaporizers, and also the most expensive, is probably the PAX2, with a high-end design. For people who prioritize performance and who already regret having to leave their office vaporizer at home will turn to the Prima. Unlike the PAX 2 which only accepts dried grass, the Prima can accommodate concentrated, a big advantage for sick patients looking for quick relief of their pain or nausea. Its removable battery allows users to replace it without buying a new vaporizer.